Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Secret to Great Planning

Many people stop the hard-working planners of our splendid agency when they are mulling their way around W14 asking "This planning malarky - how do you do that then?'. Well, a bit like that masked magician fella off the telly who keeps revealing the magic circle's secrets, here's the skinny: it's all about the books baby. And to prove it, have a quick butcher's at a bit of our planning library I encountered just today.

Crammed full of the most insightful tomes on the ways of modern marketing, the most revealing book is 'The Good Pub Guide 2008'. In this radical, thrilling and ingenious book the authors draw cunning analogies between well know brands, consumer behaviours and emerging cultural trends and ... pubs. Yes, I know, quite brilliant. We've had your archetypes, your onions, your temples, now we've got your pubs!
Of course it could be that we've got a planner with a serious drink problem and they are having a right laugh at our expense, but I live in hope.