Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's a lovely day in W14

Sometimes trekking out to W14 can feel a bit, well, wearisome, and being such a long way away from all our friends in adland can make us a bit cut off, to be honest. But today the sun is out, the suburban blossom is on the branch and all is well with the world. Feels so much nicer to be out of the inner-city blues that make us wanna holler, and out here in the sticks where the birds are on the wing:
Here are some snaps. Our house:

In the middle of our street

And our new trusty local (which couldn't be conceptually further away from the one Sid is on about, even if it is geographically right next door) is attracting a great crowd of locals to make friends with outside in the sunshine for a gentle evening pint. Who needs the Yorkshire Grey?