Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chocolate Waterfall

No, not a euphemism for the effects of a dodgy kebab, but a real live Actual Chocolate Waterfall, currently playing at Whiteleys courtesy of the fabulous Bombas and Parr that Hattie and Fern attended the opening ceremony for, having been invited by our friends at Idea Generation. Look! Here's the back of one and Bombas and Parr explaining the importance of sticking to food hygiene protocol during our visit:

We were awfully excited, as these photographs show:

Truth be told, we think the experience would be a bit more magical if you are a littl'un but the cocktails were fabulous, we have come away with a bottle of customised Chocolate Elixir and we did a little bit of impromptu late night shopping too, so we can't complain.