Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We've knitted an awful lot of hats

As AgeUK's advertising agency, we are always on the lookout for ways to make older people's lives a little bit more cheerful, and the Innocent/ AgeUK "Big Knit" struck as just the opportunity we needed to sit down, with a cup of tea and a lot of sweeties to have a knatter and knit pompom-festooned headwear for bottled juices.
Turns out, our finance department are practically professional knitters to woman, with Caryn astonishing and delighting all with her perfect cabling technique, Sonja producing intricate Pineapple Shaped toppers in a special Finnish-Fashion (they knit differently in Scandiwegia) and Juli inventing whole new genres of hat, such as the Hat-That-Wears-A-Hat, the Acorn-Hat and the Tiny-Little-Cottage-Hat. Then Tricia arrived with a bundle of hats she commissioned from her Ma, and Tom's girlfriend sent us her collection which included a Spurs hat (unless that was Tom's actual hat he threw in, he is quite small) and a charming rose decorated beret. Nicola put her kids to work with all the zeal of a Victorian Factory Boss, making teeny tiny pompoms for all our creations.
But the rest of us gamely joined in, with lots of people converting to the craft along the way. And in the end we made 58 little tiny hats, which is, by my reckoning, an awful lot of hats.