Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Near Death Experiences In West London

As you know, we like a nice bike round these parts.
Fixies, singles, geared, mountain, hybrids, the lot.
But we must always remember to do what our Mums used to tell us and take extra, extra care out there (just like the baldie fella in Hill Street Blues, but it was alright for him as he never left the bleedin' precinct - anyway, I digress).

So horror of horrors, poor old Wayne Hanson who's doing some top stuff creative wise for us at the mo' had a nasty run in with a white van driver on Hammersmith High Road.
Wayne took a tumble, splattered onto the windscreen but the van kept going and right mashed up his bike.

Sends a shiver right down your spine.
And just in case you're asking, yes Wayne was wearing a helmet (not wearing one is all a bit too Shoreditch for us).

He reckons if he wasn't he'd either be brown bread or seriously wheelchaired right up.

Be safe out there people.