Monday, December 21, 2009

Celebratory Near Death Experience

This morning, Dave was overtaken by a bright pink mini on his bike.
The car was all over the road because the driver was on the phone.
At the bottom of Kensington Church street the driver got into the right hand lane to turn right.
The lights to turn left changed and she decided she wanted to turn left.
She tooted at Dave and accelerated almost into him, so Dave moved out of the way as she just swung into the left lane, hitting a lorry who took her wing mirror off, the outer casing of which hit Dave on the back.
He picked it up and handed it to her saying,
"Here you are Trinny".
The painfully thin and rather drink addled minor celebratory told Dave to F**K OFF, before screeching off to catch the lorry that smashed her.

Anyone else had a near death experience with someone famous?