Monday, July 20, 2009

And The Good People Of Karmarama Shall Have Water

The only problem with all this rehydration nonsense is not just the environmental problems of all those plastic bottles but, and let's be honest this is FAR more important, also how rubbish they make the office look, cluttering up desks and making those funny crinkling sounds whenever anyone drinks from them.

Step forward then Prof Hilary Cootes who has created our very own branded agency water bottles to adorn each person's desk.

Now we can guzzle, suckle and chug to our heart's delight knowing that the only damage we're doing is to the agency's bank balance.

If anyone would like to buy one, well you can't as it's strictly employees only. Or people who are very kind to us. Or people who like to give us lots of money and toys.

Supp up.