Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Glastonbury preparations begin

The sun is shining today in W14, but don't let that fool you. With Glastonbury only 2 nights sleep away excitement is building in the office for the lucky few heading down. However, rain has been promised by the gods so preparations have been doubled to make sure feet and pants stay dry and faces remain smiling throughout. Craig 'experienced festivaler' Jones is heading down to Worthy Farm for his 413th Glastonbury and this year he has found what he personally describes as 'the ultimate festival weapon'. Testing was undertaken this morning to confirm this claim and we can now exclusively reveal that these simple pair of waterproof jeans will increase happiness levels in rain by 89%.

TEST 1: What would happen if someone pours a beer in your pocket?

TEST 2: What would happen when it really chucks it down? (Dave and Jono repolicate Glasto showers)

TEST 3: What would happen if it continues to rain all weekend? (Dave and Arj replicate the Saturday afternoon shower)

TEST 4: If you spill beer down yourself could you quickly collect it before it hits the ground?

So, in conclusion, if you see Craig at Glastonbury feel free to throw beer all over him. He won't mind at all.